Growth Method Brand

Design guidelines, presentations and application screenshots.

Primary Colours

Blue Main blue accent #0C5CC
Dark grey Typography dark #282E36
Black Overlay / frame dark #000000
White Light background #FFFFFF

Secondary Colours

Blue Blue accent hover #153FA8
Light Blue Blue text shadow #D9EDFA (.91 Opacity)
Light Blue Option A blue overlay #F2FAFE (.84 Opacity)
Light Blue Option B Blue BG #F7FBFE


Rubik Bold & Rubik Medium Headlines, Specialist CTA, Call Out
Kara Bold & Kara Regular Body, Buttons, Small CTA, Call Out
Super H1 125px | Inherit | Inherit 85px | Inherit | Inherit
H1 54px | 1.0575 | -1LS 31px | 1.08 | .2LS
H2 40px | 1.15 | -.55LS 30px | Inherit | Inherit
H3 31px | 1.2 | 0LS 30px | Inherit | Inherit
Body 21px | 1.5 | 0LS Regular 18px | Inherit | Inherit
Button 15px | .25LS | Bold Uppercase N/A
CTA Callout text only 16px | .2LS Uppercase or Regular N/A


Blue Line Special

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