Perhaps you've read the Forbes article on the importance of a growth-minded executive, or the Harvard Business Review article on how every company needs a growth manager or Andrew Chen on how Growth Hacker is the new VP of Marketing.

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn about growth marketing, you're in the right place.


What is Growth Marketing?

Growth marketing helps companies move away from the big bet culture of traditional campaigns and brand marketing practises in favour of a rigorous process that guarantees impact and predictable results. In this article we explore how it helped HubSpot become one of the fastest growing software companies of all time, and why you may wish…

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The 6-Step Growth Marketing Process Explained

The 6-step growth marketing process “If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.” W. Edwards Deming The HubSpot team adopted the 6-step growth marketing process below in order to maximise progress towards marketing goals: Research – perform ongoing customer research Gather – gather insights to generate…

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Where to find high quality growth experiment ideas

The first stage of every single growth marketing framework centres around customer research in order to explore and gather high quality growth experiment ideas. If you want to have good ideas you must have many ideas. Most of them will be wrong, and what you have to learn is which ones to throw away. Linus…

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Growth hypothesis best practises & high impact work

In 2009, having recently expanded operations from San Francisco to New York, AirBnB were failing to increase bookings and were heading towards bankruptcy. The founders went to New York and spoke with hundreds of hosts in a last ditch effort to save the business, and came away with a hunch. The hunch was turned into…

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Prioritisation frameworks: RICE, ICE, PIE and more

What is a prioritisation framework? A prioritisation framework is used by product teams, growth teams and marketing teams to prioritise work and projects. These frameworks take into consideration a number of factors in order to generate a score, which can be used to evaluate the priority with which different tasks should be undertaken. In economics,…

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A guide to the minimum viable test (MVT) for marketers & marketing teams

The minimum viable test is the quickest way to get feedback from customers and prospects on a new marketing initiative. It is the antithesis to the traditional everything-at-once, waterfall approach to marketing project delivery. How waterfall project delivery became the norm The inception of waterfall project management and task-based systems dates back to Frederick Winslow…

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Marketing experiment analysis & understanding your experiment results

Focus on learnings over results Every experiment results in 1 of 3 outcomes: Winner Loser Inconclusive However, building a culture of experimentation isn’t just about getting a success or fail. Every experiment is an opportunity to learn more about your customers and successful growth teams understand the more they learn about their customers, the more…

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SEO Experiments: DIY, 3rd party service or in-house?

Why Run SEO Experiments Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving your website to ensure that when a potential customer searches for what you have to offer, you are one of the top results on their favourite search engine. When it comes to SEO, companies tend to implement a set of SEO best…

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How to run an effective growth team meeting

The weekly growth team meeting is the most critical activity for ensuring you get results from your growth marketing process. However, the larger the team, the higher the cost opportunity cost of holding the meeting. Bringing together a team of 5 people for a 60 minute meeting, with 15 minutes of disruption either side of…

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Compound Interest & Flywheel Marketing

An introduction to compound interest Anyone familiar with the world of pensions and savings will be familiar with the concept of compound interest. Gains in your investment are reinvested, over and over again, typically on a monthly or yearly basis. Compound interest, where the gains are continually reinvested each year, results in significant gains over…

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Using Airtable for Growth Marketing

Why use Airtable for growth marketing? Using Airtable for growth marketing is a great starting point for new or small growth teams, they have a number of pre-built templates, or you can create our own, and it is a simple low-cost solution. Once you get to even a small number of experiments on a regular…

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Growth marketing experts to follow (bios, links more)

Want to learn from the world’s best growth marketing experts? Below is our list of the most influential and best growth marketing professionals to follow in order to stay informed about new growth marketing trends and tactics. Each summary includes a bio, links to Twitter, LinkedIn, personal blog, published books, well-known articles, famous quotes, newsletters,…

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