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    Microsoft Clarity vs Hotjar

    In this article we provide a short comparison of Microsoft Clarity vs Hotjar for user behaviour analysis including:

    • Session Recordings
    • Click Heatmap
    • Tap Heatmap
    • Scroll Heatmap
    • Area Heatmap
    • and more

    What is Microsoft Clarity?

    According to the Microsoft Clarity website:

    Clarity is a free, easy-to-use tool that captures how real people actually use your site. Setup is easy and you’ll start getting data in minutes. Clarity is a free service—forever. You will never run into traffic limits or be forced to upgrade to a paid version.

    What is Hotjar?

    According to the Hotjar website:

    “We help you understand how users behave on your site, what they need, and how they feel, fast. Hotjar is the leading solution for product teams who want to go beyond traditional web and product analytics so they can empathize with and understand their users—to connect the dots between what’s happening and why it happens, so they can improve the user experience (UX) and create customer delight.”

    Clarity vs Hotjar Comparison

    FunctionalityMicrosoft ClarityHotjar
    User Session RecordingsYesYes
    Click HeatmapYesYes
    Tap HeatmapYesYes
    Scroll Depth HeatmapYesYes
    Area HeatmapYesYes
    Incoming FeedbackNoYes
    CostCompletely FreeFree & Paid Plans
    Microsoft Clarity vs Hotjar Comparison

    Clarity vs Hotjar WordPress Plugins

    At the time of writing Microsoft Clarity has 10,000+ active installations, with the plugin last updated 3 months ago.

    Microsoft Clarity WordPress Plugin page
    Microsoft Clarity WordPress Plugin

    Hotjar, at the time of writing, has over 90,000 active installations, indicating a considerably larger (9X) install base for the plugin.

    Hotjar WordPress Plugin page
    Hotjar WordPress Plugin

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    Tips for use

    1. Leverage user recordings to see where someone spends more time than others, and adjust your messaging or where it sits on your page to increase conversion.
    2. Use scroll-depth maps to see how far someone goes before leaving
    3. If you find a specific piece of content on the page gets more time looking, it may be worth moving higher in the page