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In-depth Effective Experiments review 2023

Article originally published in October 2023 by Stuart Brameld. Most recent update in April 2024.

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Project management for growth and agile marketing professionals. Map your acquisition funnel, integrate analytics and run agile experiments.

Experiment results

Recent experiments results include competitor SEO, AI-driven content, exit-intent modals and AB testing homepage headlines.

Case study

"We are on-track to deliver a 43% increase in inbound leads this year. There is no doubt the adoption of Growth Method is the primary driver behind these results." 


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So, you’re considering Effective Experiments and want to know a bit more before a trial or purchase? We’ve scoured every article, document and review online in order to be able to provide you with an in-depth overview, without you needing to request a demo or trial.

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We’ll start by highlighting some of the pros and cons but go into far more detail throughout the article. You can also view a comparison of Effective Experiments vs. Growth Method towards the end of the article.

Please note feature information is correct as of September 2023. Growth Method has made every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided.


  • Well suited to CRO professionals and large organisations
  • Supports and enables cross-functional work management
  • Trusted by companies including Cisco, Sage and GSK
  • Avoids copy and paste between CRO tools


  • Heavily data-driven
  • Tied to partner CRO platforms
  • An enterprise platform that may be overwhelming for smaller growth teams

1. Who is behind Effective Experiments?

Effective Experiments is the trading name of Digital Tonic Ltd and headquartered in Manchester, England.

Digital Tonic was first incorporated in October 2011 and began as a conversion rate optimisation consultancy before moving into products (Effective Experiments) and events (Conversion World). Manuel Da Costa is the founder and sole director of the business. The company averaged 3 employees for the 2022 financial year.

For additional information see:

2. What is Effective Experiments?

Effective Experiments began as a “The Project Management Tool for Conversion Optimisation Professionals & Agencies” but over the years has grown into an “Experimentation Ops™ Insights & Workflow Platform”.

Experimentation Ops™ is the name of the Effective Experiments framework that enables experimentation lifecycle management, for more information see https://www.effectiveexperiments.com/what-is-experimentation-ops/.

Image source: https://www.effectiveexperiments.com/

The 6 core elements of the platform are as follows, we’ll discuss each of these in more detail below.

  1. End-to-End Experimentation Workflow
  2. Insights Engine
  3. Manage & Prioritize Your Idea Backlog
  4. Experimentation Roadmaps
  5. Automated Reporting
  6. 3rd Party Integrations

2.1 End-to-End Experimentation Workflow

Effective Experiments workflow features enable your team to manage experimentation end-to-end in a single platform, from research to ideas to actual experiments, without having to manage multiple tools. Features include:

  • Research repository for customer insights
  • Idea backlog and prioritisation
  • Experiment planning & monitoring workflows
Image source: https://www.effectiveexperiments.com/features/

2.2 Insights Engine

Insights Engine makes it easy to find research, ideas, experiments, or reports you need. This way, your Experimentation and product teams can quickly see what others are working on without the fuss of emails or making Powerpoint presentations.

Features include:

  • Run granular search queries to find specific insights or experiments
  • Understand results from historical experiments
  • Build a culture of learning with easy access for your teams and stakeholders
  • Avoid jumping between different platforms
Image source: https://www.effectiveexperiments.com/features/

2.3 Manage & Prioritize Your Idea Backlog

“The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of them.”

Thomas Edison

Easily create and rank ideas based on research using Effective Experiments. Keep a well-organised list of ideas you want to test, knowing where each idea originated and what research supports it.

  1. Central Idea Hub: Collect and organise ideas from research, crowd-sourced forms, or within the platform itself.
  2. Customisable Prioritisation: Use your own criteria or default models to rank ideas in order of importance.
  3. Efficient Planning: Help your team plan and choose the best tests by capturing key details early and viewing ideas with informative cards.
Image source: https://www.effectiveexperiments.com/features/

2.4 Experimentation Roadmaps

Automated Gantt Charts give you a clear view of your whole program timeline. The system updates your experimentation roadmap for you as experiments progress through different stages.

  1. Upcoming Experiments: See what tests are planned for the future.
  2. Conflict Alert: Be aware of any overlaps or issues when scheduling experiments.
  3. Customisable Roadmap: Use filters to find exactly what you’re looking for in your detailed experimentation plan.
Image source: https://www.effectiveexperiments.com/features/

2.5 Automated Reporting

See how well your experimentation program is performing, from the whole company down to individual teams and people.

  1. Easy Reporting: Automated reports eliminate the need for creating experiment Powerpoints.
  2. Program Health: Visualise detailed statistics about the impact and health of your experimentation program.
  3. Team Performance: Identify top-performing teams and individuals, and see where bottlenecks are hindering program growth.
Image source: https://www.effectiveexperiments.com/features/

2.6 Effective Experiments Integrations

Effective Experiments seamlessly integrates with leading third-party experimentation, developer pipeline, and collaboration tools, allowing easy data exchange. Connect to various 3rd party tools and software to pull-in relevant experiment metrics including the below.

OptimizelyTestingIntegrate with Optimizely
Google AnalyticsAnalytics
Google DriveCollaboration
JiraCollaboration / PMJira vs Effective Experiments

For AB testing platforms such as Optimizely, this typically requires creation of the experiment in both platforms before being able to link them together.

11. API Access

API Access is available for Effective Experiments but only on the GROW plan (see below). The public API allows you to:

  • Build custom apps/widgets within the tool
  • Use endpoints to connect to other tools

Effective Experiments pricing

Effective Experiments has 4 pricing plans as details on their pricing plan:

Knowfrom £100 per month1 project/workspace, 25 viewer licenses maximum
Flowfrom £200 per month3 projects/workspaces, 10 user licenses
Showfrom £250 per month5 projects/workspaces, 10 user licenses
GrowContact salesCustom contracts

For more information request a demo.

Effective Experiments Reviews

Currently there are only a couple of reviews of Effective Experiments online:

The reviews demonstrate the benefits of using a dedicated, purpose-built platform for managing growth marketing and marketing experimentation.

Effective Experiments Alternatives

Below is a list of Effective Experiments competitors and alternative software. You may also be interested in our marketing project management software review which includes more general project management software.

Effective ExperimentsDocument, Manage & Scale Your Experimentation Program
Growth MethodGrowth Method is a growth marketing platform designed for experiment-led and data-driven marketers.
Growth.SoftwareGrowth Software is an adaptable work management platform that collects data and measures the results of any initiative, creating a learning center for all your activities.
GrowthHackers ProjectsA private community for top growth leaders – where marketing, product, and growth experts come to learn, connect, and tackle challenges together.
TrueNorthTrueNorth is the only growth marketing platform to plan and track marketing in one place, with everything and everyone focused on the goal.

Marketing works best when everyone can see what they’re working towards. Project your growth to align your team and marketing with the end goal.
UpGrowThe right way to keep track of your Growth Experiments

Effective Experiments vs. Growth Method

Effective Experiments is best suited to large enterprise growth, experimentation and CRO programmes whereas Growth Method is more suited to marketing and digital teams exploring best-in-class growth practises.

Effective ExperimentsGrowth Method
Designed for enterprise companies and teams requiring cross-functional work managementDesigned for small and medium-sized companies and teams with more centralised growth functions
Best suited to AB testing and CRO workBest suited to growth marketers and growth marketing teams
Restricted guest users/viewersUnlimited guest users/viewers
From £100/monthFrom £100/month


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