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13 Growth Hacking Agencies in London for B2B Marketers

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Project management for growth and agile marketing professionals. Map your acquisition funnel, integrate analytics and run agile experiments.

Experiment results

Recent experiments results include competitor SEO, AI-driven content, exit-intent modals and AB testing homepage headlines.

Case Studies

We are on-track to deliver a 43% increase in inbound leads this year. There is no doubt the adoption of Growth Method is the primary driver behind these results.

Global Director of Brand & Digital, Colt


We are vetted mentors with Growth Mentor and a partner with the Agile Marketing Alliance.

How did we compile this list?

Having spent 10 years in the marketing industry, we know a good growth hacking agency when we see one, and have an innate ability to separate fact from fluff.

We analysed the top 100 results on Google for growth hacking agency london, separated the wheat from the chaff, distilled them down to 13, and then picked our top 5.

Search result for "growth marketing agency london"
Search for “growth marketing agency london”

How did we make these decisions, and what does a good growth hacking agency look like? More on that below.

What to look for in a good growth hacking agency?

Here are our top recommendations of what to look for in a good growth hacking agency:

  1. Growth marketing is a process, so you want an agency that understands the process and the culture that is required to be successful. The emphasis should be on strategy over tactics.
  2. Be cautious of agencies that were previously more general digital marketing agencies, or that have specialisms in a particular area (such as paid advertising, or search), but that have rebranded as growth marketing specialists.
  3. Ensure the growth hacking agency works with companies like yours, both in terms of customer type (B2B or B2C), and industry. We’ve done the B2B screening for you and the “specialism/focus” column below provides some additional context.
  4. A good growth hacking agency will have typically used their experience to develop a bespoke process for new clients, avoid the “one size fits all” approach (because it definitely does not).

Which are good growth hacking agencies in London?

The below are 13 good agencies compiled from both the first 100 results in Google, in addition to our knowledge working in this industry for many years.

Which are our top 5 picks?

The below are our top 5 agencies, which is largely the result of our knowledge working in this industry for many years.

Want to see the original data? You can view our B2B Growth Hacking Agency London Airtable base here.

Which is our top pick?

If we had to pick one, who would we choose? (aside from ourselves, obviously).

Our top pick is Kurve (https://kurve.co.uk/).

Kurve – Growth Marketing Agency London

Their overall approach is exactly how we think a growth hacking agency in London should operate:

Kurve is a hybrid agency & consultancy. We support on execution or strategic insight. We work on a monthly retainer or on specific projects. Rather than squeezing your brief into a fixed team, we build the team tailored to your goals. We have a broad mix of digital marketing experts. Rather than generalists, we hand-pick specialists. We use a range of robust tools, some are partners and some we’ve built for specific marketing challenges.


In addition to a range of client testimonials throughout the site, they have an impressive list of success stories on their website. They detail their approach for both scale-ups and corporates, and also come highly recommended by our good friends at Growth Mentor.