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The 12 Best Growth Hacking Courses in 2022

Article originally published in February 2022 by Stuart Brameld. Most recent update in April 2024.

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"We are on-track to deliver a 43% increase in inbound leads this year. There is no doubt the adoption of Growth Method is the primary driver behind these results." 


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A growth hacking course is a great way to level up your own skills, or those of a growth team member. We’ve rounded up some of the best growth hacking training courses below – from free to high-end, and online to in-person – you’re sure to find something that fits.

1. Growth Hacking 101 Course

Craig Zingerline is a 6 time founder (4 exits) who has helped dozens of companies scale their growth, he is now CEO co-founder of Growth University.

“I’m a 6-time founder who understands the ins and outs of building and scaling startups. I’ve had my share of wins – and also some epic losses – from which I’ve learned so much from. I built Growth Minded to help startups and founders with growth & product strategy and to help you become one of the startups that scales and succeeds.”

Growth 101 , a quick tour of growth. From Craig Zingerline and Growth University.
Growth 101 – A quick tour of Growth

Key facts of the Growth 101 growth hacking course:

  • 6+ weeks of content
  • On-demand
  • Completely free
  • 250+ alumni

2. Mastering Growth

Another course from Craig Zingerline (above), CEO and co-founder of Growth Minded, and Growth University. Mastering Growth is a paid course, and considerably more in-depth than Growth 101 (above).

“We’ve created a custom set of on-demand programs led by growth experts specifically designed to help startups navigate marketing channels, fundraising, product growth and more. So you and your team can learn the tactical skills need in each subject matter and apply it straight to your business.”

Mastering Growth, the on demand course for mastering your start-ups growth, from Growth Minded
Mastering Growth Course

Key facts of Mastering Growth, growth hacking course:

  • 1 hour live session each week
  • Guest Speaker each week on a Wednesday
  • Weekly accountability sessions
  • Growth University community
  • 5 modules delivered online over 5 weeks
  • Cost $1000

3. Growth Hacking Diploma

Growth Tribe is a digital learning partner for individuals & organisations, specialising in data science, growth, innovation and customer experience. This Growth Hacking course is a 12 week course run online with one-on-one coaching.

“Get a globally recognised diploma in growth marketing to upgrade your skills and elevate your career. We’ll teach you how the world’s fastest-growing companies approach growth marketing, and how you can become a growth marketing expert.”

The Growth Hacking Course by Growth Tribe
Growth Tribe Growth Hacking Course

Key facts of the Growth Tribe Growth Hacking Diploma:

  • 12 weeks
  • 4-hour long live classes
  • One-on-one expert coaching
  • Full funnel growth hacking
  • €5000 (or finance over 6 years at €70/month)

4. Growth Masters

Segment is a leading customer data platform, or CDP, used by over 20,000 business worldwide. One of the core use-cases for Segment is marketing teams that wish to unify customers touch points across all platforms and channels. Segment makes integrating tools such Google Analytics, Amplitude, Intercom, Heap Analytics, HubSpot, Optimizely and many others incredibly simple.

The Segment Growth Masters course is described as:

“The place to sharpen your skills, be inspired by experts, and learn from your peers. The on-demand lessons will teach you both the fundamentals and cutting-edge tactics of product management and growth.”

Growth Masters course from Segment.com
Segment – Growth Masters for Product Managers

Key facts of the Segment Growth Masters course:

  • Free growth hacking course
  • Primarily focused on product managers
  • 27 on-demand (pre-recorded) lessons
  • Lessons are 15 to 45 minutes each
  • No one-on-one coaching

5. Growth Hacking Minidegree Course

CXL is a world-renowned conversion optimisation company founded by Peep Laja. CXL built its reputation through its blog, and has since expanded into some of the best marketing education resources on the web, including a number of free courses, marketing courses and minidegrees.

“This is a comprehensive training program that will give you the theoretical knowledge and empirical know-how to run growth in an organisation. It will cover quantitative and analytical skills, technical skills, qualitative research, copywriting, storytelling, channel acquisition, and program management – the full gamut of skills you need to become a growth master.”

CXL Growth Marketing Training - become great at growth marketing. Get advanced level skills to drive continuous growth.
CXL Growth Hacking Course

Key facts from the CXL growth masters training course:

  • Approximately 112 hours of learning
  • £ 957.24 (personal all-access membership)
  • Self-paced video courses 
  • Optional assignments 
  • 7-day no questions asked money back guarantee
  • CXL Institute Certificate of Achievement

6. The Growth Series

Reforge offers selective growth-focused programs for experienced professionals in marketing, product, data, and engineering. Reforge was founded by Brian Balfour, previously VP Growth @ HubSpot, and features top growth leaders from companies including Google, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Atlassian, Slack and others.

The Growth Series distills hard-earned insights, frameworks, and systems from tech’s top leaders and delivers decades of career experience in just 6 weeks. From acquisition and retention to user psychology and habit formation, this program draws on real examples from category-defining companies to teach you how to solve difficult growth problems and drive results for your company.

Reforge Growth Series. The most comprehensive overview of the systems and frameworks that form the foundation of successful growth.
Reforge Growth Series

Key facts from the Reforge Growth Series programme:

  • 4 or 6 week options
  • Part-time, virtual, and intense
  • Live case studies with a cohort of peers
  • 2 to 3 hours of self-paced material per week
  • Access to content and community of all programs
  • $1,995 USD per year

7. Traction Program

Somewhat similar to Reforge (above), Demand Curve is a modern growth training program that helps companies apply the same strategies and tactics as the world’s fastest growing companies. Demand Curve is a Y Combinator-backed growth hacking training company and 35% of Demand Curve’s students are YC Alumni.

The Traction Program is the proven, affordable way for founders to go to market, acquire customers, and get traction. We built this program for busy, early-stage founders willing to execute on their own to get their first customers.

Demand Curve Traction Program

Key facts from the Demand Curve Traction Program:

  • Self-paced program
  • Fully remote
  • $950
  • Lifetime access to all program content
  • 30 day money back guarantee

8. Growth Program

Somewhat similar to Reforge (above), Demand Curve is a modern growth training program that helps companies apply the same strategies and tactics as the world’s fastest growing companies. Demand Curve is a Y Combinator-backed growth hacking training company and 35% of Demand Curve’s students are YC Alumni.

The Growth Program was created for busy, early-stage teams who have customers but haven’t been able to scale. Over the past two years, we’ve proven that we’re a great fit for startups of nearly every vertical, business model, and audience.

Demand Curve | Startup Growth Program
Demand Curve Growth Program

Key facts from the Demand Curve Growth Program:

  • Limited participants
  • 1-2 hours per day
  • Up to 6 months mentorship
  • 6 months of live workshops
  • $2,500
  • Lifetime access to all program content

9. Growth Master Training Course

The term “growth hacking” was coined by Sean Ellis in 2010 and was initially intended for startups to define a high impact growth role. Sean founded GrowthHackers.com originally as a community to learn and share growth hacking techniques, and the site has expanded into a jobs board, software product (Growth Hackers Experiments), growth hacking training courses and more.

This is a self-paced course taught by Sean Ellis, founder of GrowthHackers, that will teach you the fundamentals to become an effective Growth Master. He shares best practices for leading a team to execute a growth process that drives results. Sean has evolved these best practices through his roles leading growth efforts at Dropbox, LogMeIn and Eventbrite and by collaborating with effective growth leaders at other breakout success companies such as Facebook, Uber and Slack.

Growth Master Training Course, from Growth Hackers. Drive breakout growth by becoming a Certified Growth Master.
Growth Master Training Course

10. Full Beginners Growth Hacking Course

Created through a partnership between GrowthHackers University, from the GrowthHackers.com team, and Grow with Ward (also above), this course is designed for beginners to become highly effective and confident growth hackers.

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to get started as a growth hacker, who is wanted by startups and scaleups, because you will have the mindset, the toolset and the knowledge that they are looking for.

Become a Growth Hacker - full beginner course.
Become a Growth Hacker Course

Key facts from this beginners Growth Hacking Course:

  • Beginners course
  • 40+ lessons, 300+ minutes of lessons
  • Video lessons, worksheets and resources
  • Certification from GrowthHackers University and Grow with Ward
  • $358.80

11. Learn Growth Hacking Course

OneMonth was originally founded to help teach people how to code. The two founders, both self-taught programmers, created courses from HTML and JavaScript, to Python and SQL, with the absolute beginner in mind. OneMonth recently expanded into other areas, including Growth Hacking.

Learn Growth Hacking Course. Learn Growth Hacking Tactics To Explode Product Growth.
One Month Growth Hacking Course

“One Month Growth Hacking is a series of video lessons and tutorials for any entrepreneur, marketer, or engineer who wants to learn how to grow a product. A Growth Hacker is a rare combination: someone with the right marketing and technical skills who is able to come up with clever marketing hacks while tracking their results. You will learn the best growth hacking techniques and practices of today’s most popular companies, including Facebook, Dropbox, Zynga, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Appsumo.”


Key facts from One Month Growth Hacking course:

  • Self-paced
  • Beginner / Intro level
  • 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back
  • $199 (1 year access to all OneMonth courses)
  • 6+ hours of course videos + email, code, and copy swipe files
  • Certificate of completion

12. CXL Foundations

Another course from CXL, the world-renowned conversion optimisation company founded by Peep Laja. CXL built its reputation through its blog, and has since expanded into some of the best marketing education resources on the web, including a number of free courses, marketing courses and minidegrees.

“Your first marketing course shouldn’t cost $997. With CXL’s Foundations plan, you can master 4 key areas of growth & marketing, completely free.”

Peep Laya

Master 4 key areas of growth & marketing:

  1. Analytics 101
  2. Marketing 101
  3. CRO 101
  4. Email Marketing 101
CXL Foundations Plan - Marketing & Growth Course
CXL Foundations Plan

Key facts from CXL Foundations course:

  • Access 15+ in-depth marketing courses
  • 100% free
  • Access to CXL community
  • A world-class marketing education

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