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ClickUp vs Asana vs Growth Method

Article originally published in November 2023 by Stuart Brameld. Most recent update in November 2023.

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Project management for growth and agile marketing professionals. Map your acquisition funnel, integrate analytics and run agile experiments.

Experiment results

Recent experiments results include competitor SEO, AI-driven content, exit-intent modals and AB testing homepage headlines.

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"We are on-track to deliver a 43% increase in inbound leads this year. There is no doubt the adoption of Growth Method is the primary driver behind these results." 


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Whilst most comparison articles provide a differentiation just on the features of the tools, I’ve decided to go deeper and make a comparison of products’ principles and concepts. I’ve used ClickUp for marketing projects in the past, and used Asana for my previous agency business, so know them both well. I revisited both for this article, testing them both in depth to see how they compare.

Disclaimer: All information is correct as of 13th November 2023. To report any incorrect or outdated information, please get in touch with us. For more information on Growth Method features and functionality book a call with Stuart.

ClickUp vs Asana vs Growth Method – at a glance

ClickUp: A comprehensive task and project management tool, ClickUp offers extensive customisation options and a variety of views for managing workloads and team collaboration.

Asana: Known for its user-friendly interface, Asana provides streamlined task and project management capabilities, focusing on clarity and simplicity in organising work and team collaboration.

GrowthMethod: Specifically designed for growth marketing, GrowthMethod integrates goal tracking, idea management, and agile experimentation, catering to marketing teams seeking to optimize their growth strategies.

ClickUp vs Asana vs Growth Method – key differences

For marketing teams, the specialisation and focus of ClickUp, Asana, and GrowthMethod present key differences:


  • Generalist Approach: ClickUp is a versatile project management tool suitable for a wide range of industries, including marketing.
  • Customisation: It offers extensive customisation, which can be particularly beneficial for marketing teams with diverse or complex workflows.
  • Broad Feature Set: ClickUp’s features, such as task management, collaboration tools, and detailed reporting, are not specifically tailored for marketing but can be adapted to fit various marketing needs.


  • Versatile Project Management: Like ClickUp, Asana is a general project management platform that is adaptable to various industries, including marketing.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Known for its clear, intuitive interface, Asana is suitable for straightforward marketing campaign management and team collaboration.
  • General Features for Diverse Needs: Asana’s features, such as timeline views, task dependencies, and project templates, while not marketing-specific, can effectively support marketing project planning and execution.


  • Marketing and Growth Focus: GrowthMethod is specifically designed for marketing teams, with a strong emphasis on growth marketing strategies.
  • Specialized Features: It offers specialized features like goal tracking, idea management, agile experimentation, and custom reports, which are particularly relevant for marketing teams focused on growth hacking and data-driven strategies.
  • Tailored for Marketing Objectives: The tool’s focus on marketing-specific methodologies like idea scoring and agile approaches aligns closely with the needs of growth-focused marketing teams.

In summary, while ClickUp and Asana offer flexible and adaptable project management solutions for a variety of industries, including marketing, GrowthMethod stands out for its specific focus on marketing and growth-oriented strategies. This specialization makes GrowthMethod potentially more aligned with the needs of marketing teams that prioritize growth hacking and performance metrics in their projects.

ClickUp vs Asana vs GrowthMethod – features table

Feature/Functionality ClickUp (Link) Asana (Link) GrowthMethod (Link)
Task Management Comprehensive task management with customizable statuses and priorities. Streamlined task management with clear assignments and due dates. Task prioritization aligned with marketing and growth objectives.
Project Management Diverse project views, extensive customization, and hierarchy management. User-friendly project templates and timeline views for easy organization. Focus on agile project management, tailored for marketing strategies.
Collaboration Tools Robust collaboration tools including chat, document sharing, and real-time editing. Efficient collaboration with task comments, project messages, and team pages. Collaborative idea repository and shared workspace for marketing teams.
User Interface Highly customizable interface suitable for various user preferences. Simple, intuitive interface facilitating ease of use and quick adoption. Interface designed specifically for marketing teams with a focus on growth.
Reporting & Analytics Detailed reporting features with custom reporting capabilities. Basic reporting tools with an emphasis on project milestones and goals. Marketing-focused reporting, including analytics on experiments and campaigns.
Specialised Features Features like time tracking, Gantt charts, and nested subtasks. Task dependencies, project milestones, and approval workflows. Goal tracking, idea scoring, and agile experimentation for marketing.
Integrations Wide range of integrations with various productivity and management tools. Integrates seamlessly with many popular work and collaboration tools. Integration capabilities with key marketing and analytics tools.

Top 3 reasons marketers choose Growth Method

Integrated metrics

Growth Method enables data-driven marketers to track core KPIs, such as website visitors (from GA4) or marketing qualified leads (from HubSpot) or product demo requests (from Calendly) right alongside your marketing experiments.

Built-in best practises

Growth Method has agile and growth best practises baked into the product. For example, a growth hypothesis is required when creating a new idea, a best-practise outline is provided and a red warning is shown if there is no data to support your hypothesis.

Automated stakeholder engagement

Growth Method now allows individuals to follow a teams growth experiment updates in an automated fashion without stakeholders ever needing to login to the app or become paying users.

Individuals can subscribe to your team using any standard Growth Method share link. Once signed-up, followers receive email notifications automatically when growth experiments are moved to complete.

About Growth Method

Growth Method is the growth platform designed for experiment-led and data-driven marketers.

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