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CMO Survey reports from Gartner, Forrester and PWC.

We’ve pulled together some of the biggest CMO surveys from consulting and research firms to provide all the recent data in one place.

The CMO Survey (US Edition)

Conducted twice a year since 2008 by Duke University’s Christine Moorman, along with a number of sponsor partners (currently Deloitte), and now in its 29th Edition, the CMO Survey is one of the most recognised of the CMO surveys.

The report covers priorities and plans around marketing staffing, budgeting, areas of investment.

The CMO Survey collects and disseminates the opinions of marketing leaders in order to predict the future of markets, track marketing excellence, and improve the value of marketing in organizations and in society. Founded in 2008, it is the longest running non-commercial survey for and about the field of marketing.

The CMO Survey includes 3 main reports:

  1. Highlights and Insights Report
  2. Topline Report
  3. Firm and Industry Breakout Report

Topics include:

  • Customers and channels
  • Marketing spending
  • Managing digital marketing returns
  • Marketing jobs
  • Marketing analytics
  • Marketing performance
  • Marketing leadership

The CMO Survey (UK Edition)

Whilst the CMO Survey (above) is focused on the US, The Leadership Institute at London Business School has been the partner for the UK Survey for the last 2 years.

This second Edition of The CMO Survey UK provides the marketing profession with an understanding of how marketing activities, spending, jobs, and performance have been influenced by the continued impact of the pandemic and Brexit over the past year, as well as marketing leaders’ response to the climate crisis. As it did last year, the UK Edition also provides a comparison to the study of U.S. marketing leaders that has been running bi-annually since 2008

The CMO Survey UK

The CMO Survey UK includes 2 reports:

  1. UK Topline Report
  2. UK Firm and Industry Breakout Report

A large number of survey participants are from the following organisations: CMO Growth Council, Deloitte, ISBA, Marketing Week, The Chartered Institute of Marketing, The Marketing Society, tml Partners, and Walpole.

PwC Pulse Survey

The PwC Pulse survey is conducted across across over 700 US executives across finance, human resources, risk, operations, technology and marketing. Respondents are from public and private companies across various sectors.

Although the survey targets a wide range of business executives, CMOs and marketing leaders account for approximately 13% of responses (91 individuals) and the CMO findings are presented separately.

“Our latest PwC Pulse Survey, fielded August 1 to August 5, 2022, surveyed 722 executives and board members from Fortune 1000 and private companies about the current business environment, the risks executives are facing and the impact those risks have on company strategy and growth plans. Of the respondent pool, 91 are CMOs.”

Insights and reports include PwC and PwC sponsored content:

  1. CMO and Marketing Leaders findings
  2. Managing business risks.pdf

PwC CMO Survey

In 2022 the PwC CMO Survey is based on CMO interviews and a survey of a panel of 77 UK CMOs.

We couldn’t find original data from the The PwC CMO Survey but a number of insights are shared:

Gartner CMO Spend and Strategy Survey

The annual Gartner CMO spend and strategy survey provides an annual snapshot of marketing’s budgets, spending and strategic priorities.

The CMO Spend Survey is an annual survey to understand the marketing organisation’s strategic priorities and budget allocations every year. In 2022, the research was conducted online among 405 respondents, who were required to have involvement in decisions pertaining to setting or influencing marketing strategy and planning, as well as have involvement in aligning marketing budget/resources. Seventy-four percent of the respondents came from organizations with $1 billion or more in annual revenue. The respondents came from a variety of industries: financial services, tech products, manufacturing and consumer products to name a few.


The State of Marketing Budget and Strategy 2022 Report

Forrester Marketing CMO Pulse Survey

Unlike the above this is a survey of B2C not B2B CMOs. The most recent was the Q3 2022 survey.

“A cross-industry survey among 153 US B2C marketing executives, VP and above, at brands with at least 500 employees.”


Reports and insights:

CMO Survey Database

You can access our complete CMO Survey database which is hosted in Airtable below. We are continuing to add to it over time.

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