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Looking for a growth hacking agency? 11 of the best + our top pick

Article originally published in October 2023 by Stuart Brameld. Most recent update in April 2024.

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Project management for growth and agile marketing professionals. Map your acquisition funnel, integrate analytics and run agile experiments.

Experiment results

Recent experiments results include competitor SEO, AI-driven content, exit-intent modals and AB testing homepage headlines.

Case study

"We are on-track to deliver a 43% increase in inbound leads this year. There is no doubt the adoption of Growth Method is the primary driver behind these results." 


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This information is correct at the time of writing. Growth Method has made every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided.

How did we compile this growth hacking agency list?

This agency list is the result of 3 main sources:

  1. Growth hacking agency we know or have worked with
  2. Growth hacking agency recommended by others we know or have worked with
  3. Online searches for growth hacking agencies
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Long story short, we’ve done the hard work for you in helping you find the right growth hacking agency for you.

Who are we?

Growth Method is a growth marketing platform designed for experiment-led and data-driven marketers. Our software helps agencies and brands execute their growth strategies.

Given the nature of the platform and our focus on growth, we are frequently interacting with agencies. Additionally, having spent 10 years in the marketing industry, we know a good agency when we see one.

What to look for in a good growth hacking agency?

Here are our top recommendations of what to look for in a good growth hacking agency:

  • Experience and Reputation: Check whether the agency possesses a proven track record of successful growth hacking outcomes for varied businesses.
  • Innovative Approach: The agency should be innovative and able to think outside of the box to overcome marketing challenges.
  • Technical Expertise: The team should be filled with experts skilled in various areas like SEO, content creation, social media, and digital advertising.
  • Data-Driven: A successful growth hacking agency uses data analytics to formulate and adjust marketing strategies that deliver measurable results.
  • Transparent and Accountable: The agency should be open regarding their methods and results, taking responsibility and adjusting strategies when outcomes are not as expected.

Our growth hacking agency list

In our opinion, below are 11 of the world’s best and most highly regarded growth hacking agencies.

1. Conversion Rate Experts

“We are the world’s leading agency for conversion rate optimization (CRO)—a term that we coined in 2007. We build amazingly effective webpages, and then we stick our necks on the line by insisting that we carry out scientific A/B tests to verify that we’ve significantly grown our clients’ businesses.

We get great results, which is why we are highly regarded by many of the web’s most sophisticated companies.”

About Conversion Rate Experts:

  • Website: https://conversion-rate-experts.com/
  • Address: Conversion Rate Experts (a Next 15 company), 207 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH
  • HQ Country: UK,USA
  • Specialisms: CRO,B2B,Enterprise,Startups

2. Kurve

“Kurve is a hybrid agency & consultancy. We support on execution or strategic insight. We work on a monthly retainer or on specific projects.

Rather than squeezing your brief into a fixed team, we build the team tailored to your goals. We have a broad mix of digital marketing experts.”

About Kurve:

  • Website: https://kurve.co.uk/
  • Address: 86-90, Paul Street, London EC2A4NE
  • HQ Country: UK
  • Specialisms: B2B,Paid Media,Organic

3. No Good

“We help impactful brands build predictable compounding growth. The growth squad behind some of the world’s most successful brands. If you’re looking for a traditional marketing agency, we’re NoGood for that.

We operate at the intersection of science and style. We help you unlock your unique growth loops and put them into action with frameworks and strategies that drive rapid growth and maximize revenue potential.”

About No Good:

  • Website: https://nogood.io/
  • Address: 524 Broadway, New York, NY 10013, USA
  • HQ Country: USA
  • Specialisms: SaaS,Consumer,Healthcare,B2B,CRO

4. Off The Record

“The data & growth marketing agency. We help product and marketing teams across Europe with strategy and growth execution – or we just run the whole venture for corporate clients.

With a team of talented growth marketers, product owners and experienced data analysts we kickstart traction for startups, guide scale-ups into maturity and innovate together with corporate ventures from scratch.”

About Off The Record:

5. Revolution Growth

“We help high-performing, ambitious businesses grow faster and grow better.

Working UK wide from offices in Newcastle-Gateshead and Manchester, our services are structured to deliver impactful sales, marketing and customer service solutions to catalyse and accelerate our client’s growth.

Using Growth Sprints and agile delivery to fast-track solutions, our track record demonstrates the impact we deliver.”

About Revolution Growth:

6. Rock Mission

“We are not just another award-winning agency, we are London’s leading growth hacking agency. We help our clients design and execute brilliant, integrated growth strategies that will take their businesses steps ahead.

Many companies often lack some of the necessary skillset or experience to design and execute growth. We can help with both: we come in as your trusted growth consultants, we align the team’s mindset to focus on new agreed business goals and help you seamlessly execute on them.”

About Rock Mission:

  • Website: https://rockmission.com/
  • Address: Salty Commune, 6 Yorkton St, London E2 8NH
  • HQ Country: UK
  • Specialisms: Email,SEO,Social,Content,CRO

7. Sprints and Sneakers

“With a combination of data, technology and creativity we challenge the way marketing is done.

Growth hacking is a process where we experiment quickly and smartly to find the most effective way to grow your brand. We work data-driven and focus on the entire funnel from first contact to ambassador of your brand. “

About Sprints and Sneakers:

8. The Fifth Mark

“Even in a digital age, most digital marketing doesn’t market. Precious data goes to waste, so insights remain unseen. Media is thrown to the wall, hoping it’ll stick. Outlandish fees plummet down black holes. Executions come before directions. Lots of clicks and impressions, but not much traction or result. Digital marketing roulette.

That’s why we chose growth. Our approach to Growth Marketing replaces hope-and-pray with science-and-strategy. It connects user psychology, data analysis, digital marketing and strategy together as a team. That way, insights, ideation and testing create concrete strategies that drive great and greater things. Not wishes. Ways.”

About The Fifth Mark:

9. True Up

“The growth marketing agency. Our skilled team have everything you need to deliver awesome results.

Our paid acquisition, conversion optimisation & data experts have a proven track record of delivering the lowest customer acquisition costs and highest conversion rates.”

About True Up:

  • Website: https://www.trueup.com/
  • Address: TrueUp, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL
  • HQ Country: UK
  • Specialisms: B2B,Enterprise

10. Tuffgrowth

“Quick wins and long-term growth. No mysterious secret sauce. We show our work. Hit your revenue goals alongside a team of growth marketing experts that’s transparent about strategy, execution, and reporting.

We believe growth is a process, not an outcome. We build custom teams that click into your business and act as an in-house growth marketing team, replacing the hassle and risk of prematurely hiring and managing an in-house marketer or team of freelancers.”

About Tuffgrowth:

  • Website: https://tuffgrowth.com/
  • Address: 1099 Capitol St. Eagle, CO 81631
  • HQ Country: USA
  • Specialisms: Ecommerce,Startups,B2B

11. Upthrust

“We are the growth marketing agency specialized in providing you data-driven and highly impactful marketing services to ultimately UpThrust your growth.

We are the growth hacking agency you need, to analyze and optimize your entire funnel to maximize conversion rates, from qualified leads to purchases and, where needed, scheduling appointments to high-ticket closing clients.”

About Upthrust:

  • Website: https://upthrust.io/
  • Address: Upthrust Inc.106 E 6th St Ste 900-811 Austin, TX 78701
  • HQ Country: USA
  • Specialisms: SEO,Content,CRO,PPC,Paid Media

About Growth Method

Growth Method is the growth platform designed for experiment-led and data-driven marketers.

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