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Where to find the best growth marketing consultant in 2023?

Article originally published in October 2023 by Stuart Brameld. Most recent update in April 2024.

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Recent experiments results include competitor SEO, AI-driven content, exit-intent modals and AB testing homepage headlines.

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What does a growth marketing consultant do?

A growth marketing consultant’s role is critical in amplifying a business’s trajectory towards greater levels of success. They use an array of tactics, from data analysis to creative campaigns, to fuel customer acquisition, retention, and revenue growth. In essence, their function revolves around identifying the most successful strategies to raise brand awareness, engage the target audience, and accelerate business growth.

The key difference between a growth marketing consultant and a marketing consultant lies in their focus areas. While the latter generally concentrates on building and maintaining a positive brand image or developing marketing strategies, the former goes beyond these tasks. A growth marketing consultant deeply engages in data analysis, uses analytics to set clear targets, and employs iterative methodologies like A/B testing to continuously refine the digital marketing tactics, thereby aiming not just at customer attraction but overall business growth.

How can a growth marketing consultant help you?

  1. Develop and implement effective growth strategies to improve brand visibility.
  2. Generate creative campaigns that tap into new audience segments.
  3. Utilise data analytics to pinpoint market trends and customer behaviours.
  4. Improve conversion rates through optimisation of marketing funnels.
  5. Conduct A/B testing to maximise the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

The world’s leading growth marketing consultants

Want to learn from the world’s growth marketing consultants? Below is our list of the most experienced growth professionals to follow for growth trends, strategies and tactics.

1. Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis is the author of Hacking Growth (a Random House international bestseller), host of the Breakout Growth Podcast, and teaches growth at leading business schools such as Harvard, UC Berkeley Haas, GKGSB (Beijing), INSEAD (France), Imperial College (London) and through the GoPractice Immersive Simulator Program.

Last known place of work: GrowthHackers

Find more about Sean Ellis online at the following links:

2. Morgan Brown

Director, Product at Instagram. Previously worked at Shopify and Facebook. Author of Hacking Growth with Sean Ellis.

Last known place of work: Instagram

Find more about Morgan Brown online at the following links:

3. Andrew Chen

Andrew Chen is a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, where he invests in games, AR/VR, metaverse, and consumer tech startups. He is the author of The Cold Start Problem, a book on starting and growing new startups via network effects. From 2015 to 2018, Chen led the Rider Growth product team for Uber.

Last known place of work: Andreessen Horowitz

Find more about Andrew Chen online at the following links:

4. Brian Balfour

Founder/CEO @ Reforge. Previously VP of Growth at HubSpot, Entrepreneur in Residence at Trinity Ventures, Co-Founder of Boundless, Co-Founder of Viximo, Co-Founder reCatalyze & PopSignal.

Last known place of work: Reforge

Find more about Brian Balfour online at the following links:

5. Casey Winters

Helped drive Grubhub from 3 cities to 1,000+ and from a $1 million series A to now an $9+ billion market cap. Joined Pinterest and led the growth product team where he turned SEO into a scalable acquisition strategy, increased conversion to signups/mobile 5x. Most recently, Chief Product Officer at Eventbrite. Now Growth Advisor in Residence at Greylock Partners and advisor at Reforge.

Last known place of work: Advisor at Whatnot and Eventbrite, Partner at Reforge

Find more about Casey Winters online at the following links:

6. Mayur Gupta

Mayur Gupta is the Global Vice President for Growth & Marketing at Spotify, responsible for driving growth and innovation by testing new business models, partnerships and engagement strategies along with establishing marketing capabilities for fans, artists and B2B brand partners.

Last known place of work: Spotify

Find more about Mayur Gupta online at the following links:

7. Jeff Chang

Head of Growth Engineering at Whatnot. Previously Growth Engineering at Pinterest, Growth Advisor at Canva, Upwork and Lyft. Angel investor in Linear, Supermove and others.

Last known place of work: Whatnot

Find more about Jeff Chang online at the following links:

8. Kieran Flanagan

I’m an SVP of marketing at HubSpot a marketing and sales software company. I’m also an author, startup advisor, and mentor.

Last known place of work: HubSpot

Find more about Kieran Flanagan online at the following links:

9. Scott Tousley

Helping solve our climate crisis at Persefoni. Previously spent 7+ years at HubSpot working on freemium growth strategy across marketing, product, operations, and sales. Investing in Seed and Series A climate tech startups. Focused on energy storage, electric transportation, and various software verticals. Spend my spare time nerding out in the Reforge community and taking long walks on the beach.

Last known place of work: Persefoni

Find more about Scott Tousley online at the following links:

10. David Ly Khim

I’m a co-founder of content and SEO agency, Omniscient Digital, helping B2B software companies turn content into a growth channel. I’m also a host of our three media efforts: The Long Game podcast, Office Hours, and The Road to Mastery. Previously I was Head of Growth at People.ai and spent 6 years at HubSpot where I served as a growth product manager and multiple roles in growth marketing.

Last known place of work: Omniscient Digital

Find more about David Ly Khim online at the following links:

11. Julian Shapiro

Currently investing in startups. Founded Demand Curve, a Y Combinator startup that grows other companies: we train teams in marketing and run a growth agency (Bellcurve). Clients include Microsoft, Basecamp, Tumblr, and Zendesk.

Last known place of work: Demand Curve

Find more about Julian Shapiro online at the following links:

12. Andy Johns

I’ve been fortunate to be a part of 8 startups each worth more than a billion dollars. I was an early employee at Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and Wealthfront. In addition to that I’ve advised several startups and venture capital firms such as Opendoor, Poshmark, Unusual Ventures, and Homebrew Ventures. I also occasionally invest in companies such as Robinhood, Webflow, and Reforge.

Last known place of work: Startup Investor & Advisor

Find more about Andy Johns online at the following links:

13. John Egan

I’ve been working in Growth for 10+ years. I currently work at Pinterest where I lead the Growth Engineering org which consists of 80+ engineers. In the past 10 years, I’ve worked on many areas of Growth and have deep experience in Emails/Notifications, SEO, Paid Acquisition, Activation, Invites/Referrals, Analytics, etc. Prior to Pinterest, I led the growth engineering team at Shopkick, a cross-retailer mobile loyalty app funded by Kleiner-Perkins & Greylock Partners which was acquired for $200M.

Last known place of work: Pinterest

Find more about John Egan online at the following links:

14. David Arnoux

David is the CEO & founder of Growth Tribe, Europe’s first Growth Academy based in Amsterdam. Growth Tribe has since trained over 10,000 people in growth and transformation. David is an expert on growth hacking, technical marketing and acquisition funnel optimisation.

Last known place of work: GrowthTribe

Find more about David Arnoux online at the following links:

15. Pedro Clivati

Head of Growth at https://growthhackers.com. GrowthHackers, the largest online community of growth professionals on the web. High-tempo testing, small scale experiments, data-based decision making or, simply, growth hacking our way up!

Last known place of work: GrowthHackers

Find more about Pedro Clivati online at the following links:

16. Rupert Brenninkmeijer

I’m Rupert Brenninkmeijer, Director of Growth Marketing at Contentful, tasked with scaling the core self-serve growth model of the business and accountable for freemium revenue. I build teams and growth loops, whether thats in-product incentivised loops, cross-side loops or paid ad loops. Previously, founded the product growth team at GoCardless and cofounded Dribble (now Midnite.com).

Last known place of work: Contentful

Find more about Rupert Brenninkmeijer online at the following links:

17. Lenny Rachitsky

Lenny Rachitsky is a growth-focused digital product specialist who spent 7 years working at the disruptive tech platform Airbnb as a product manager before working up to product lead for supply growth. He is now a writer, investor, and product consultant.

Last known place of work: Writer & Investor

Find more about Lenny Rachitsky online at the following links:

Want to hire a growth marketing consultant?

Below is a list of recommend websites and communities to hire an experienced growth marketing consultant.

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