Hand-built for marketers to deliver business impact.

Traditional marketing agencies help you with campaigns. But campaigns alone won't grow your company - Growth Method will.

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Data at your finger tips

Bring together new growth ideas, marketing experiments and your core marketing metrics all in one place.

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Align your team behind a common goal.

Starting with the right objective and aligning your team's efforts behind that objective is critical.
We use Objectives & Key Results, favoured by the likes of Intel and Google, that allows individuals and teams to set and track their key metrics over time.
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Perform ongoing customer and competitor research.

High-growth companies use ongoing customer research to make more informed decisions and predictions.

In a world of undifferentiated features and increased competition, understanding your prospects and customers better than anyone else is a key competitive advantage.


Find your most high-impact marketing opportunities

When everything is important, nothing is important. Successful teams prioritise well. They know what to do, but most importantly what not to do.

Prioritised marketing and growth ideas on a regular basis so that the most high impact activities regularly rise to the top.

Digital Elite Projects helps your team to gather marketing ideas from across your entire business, as well from your customers, business partners and suppliers.
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Become marketing scientists

Growth experiments follow the exact same scientific method that has been in use since the 1600s, starting with the hypothesis.

Every growth idea should be hypothesis-driven, and should detail the expected or anticipated change if successful.

Your experiment design should include a hypothesis, an outline of the experiment and data & success metrics.

The hypothesis-driven approach. Storm clouds move or cells in the body die. There is a method, the scientific method. More experimentation, less experience and intuition of managers and leaders.

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Run agile 4-week marketing experiments

Rapid iterations will beat the competition and built team morale and so the higher the velocity of testing, the faster your team will learn how to accelerate growth. 

Agile, design thinking and lean are all about testing and learning. Put your 6 month marketing campaign away, it's time to speed things up.

Relatively few tests are likely to produce dramatic gains hence finding wins, both big and small, is a numbers game.

Your goal is to validate your ideas the fastest, cheapest way possible. Discovery is about the need for speed.

When agile is implemented successfully, it leads to big increases in effectiveness and commensurate reductions in cost.


Build a high-performing marketing team culture.

While companies typically invest heavily in new technology and external consulting services to help drive business growth, people are an essential component that is often overlooked.

Excellent people are the most powerful tools in building a successful growth marketing team, hence they should be selected and developed wisely.

Build a culture of continuous improvement and rigor in marketing activities.

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