Growth Experiment Templates for Pipefy, Trello, Airtable, Excel & more

A growth experiment template can be used to get a new growth team up and running quickly, or to inform a more custom growth marketing implementation.

We’ve collated some of our favourite below.

Growth Hacking Experiments Template by Pipefy

“Pipefy accelerates digital transformation. It is a low-code/no-code process orchestration platform that gives anyone the power to easily automate workflows and manage business processes with no coding skills required!”

The Growth Hacking Experiments Template was developed by the 500 Startups Distro Team, and inspired by Brian Balfour (ex Growth VP at HubSpot). Similar to Airtable, Trello and others, you can switch between Kanban and list-style views.

Pipefy growth experiment template (kanban view)
Pipefy Growth Hacking Experiment Template (Kanban View)
Pipefy growth experiment template (list view)
Pipefy Growth Hacking Experiment Template (List View)

Growth Experiments Template, by Airtable

Airtable has the simplicity of Excel, with the power of a database. It is a great option for small or new growth teams that would like to get up and running quickly, safe in the knowledge that it will likely be able to cater for most future needs.

Airtable was founded on the belief that software shouldn’t dictate how you work—you should dictate how it works. Our mission is to democratize software creation by enabling anyone to build the tools that meet their needs.

Airtable has a number of growth experiment templates and resource to help growth marketing teams, including:

  1. Growth Experiments Template
  2. Planning and Execution Template
  3. Growth Experiment Checklist Template
  4. OKR Tracking Template
  5. User Surveys Template
Airtable growth experiment template
Airtable Growth Experiments Template

Our article on Airtable for growth marketing provides a detailed explanation of how to setup a custom Airtable growth marketing solution.

Growth Experiments Template, by Trello

Trello, now owned by Atlassian, is likely the most well-known project management tool in this list.

“Trello helps teams move work forward. Collaborate, manage projects, and reach new productivity peaks. From high rises to the home office, the way your team works is unique—accomplish it all with Trello.”

The Growth Experiments Trello Board template is a typical kanban style board with 6 columns – Ideas, Prioritise, Doing, Measure, Success and Fail. The advantage to Trello is likely to familiarity you and your team already have with the tool. The disadvantage is that it may become restrictive as the number of ideas and experiments grow, and the UI can be limiting at times.

Trello growth experiment template
Growth Experiments Template in Trello

Growth Experiments Template by Miro

Miro is “the online collaborative whiteboard platform to bring teams together, anytime, anywhere”.

The Growth Experiments Template is a very basic Kanban-style board but lacks the database functionality of many other solutions in this list and so it’s use it extremely limited.

Miro growth experiment template
Miro Growth Experiments Template

Growth Hacking Experiments Sheet by GWW

Growth with Ward (GWW) is the consulting website for Ward van Gasteren.

I am one of the first 20 certified Growth Hackers in Europe. I have helped 70+ companies with systematic growth, so that the companies themselves can focus more on helping their customers.

The Growth Hacking Experiment Sheet is essentially a pre-built Google Sheet to help keep track of growth marketing experiments. It contains separate sheets for idea ranking, individual experiments outlines and an overview of all experiments. Although the sheet is very well considered and covers all the elements required in detail teams may find the UX and UI constraints of working with Google Sheets rather limiting.

Google sheet growth experiment template by Growth with Ward
Growth with Ward Growth Hacking Experiment Template

Google Sheets Test Template by Growth Minded

Founded by Craig Zingerline, Growth Minded is an agency built to “help startups and founders with growth & product strategy and to help you become one of the startups that scales and succeeds.”

Google doc growth experiment template by Growth Minded
Growth Minded Growth Test Template

Growth Experiments Template by Infinity

Infinity, Stackby and Airtable share a lot of similarities, all of them combining advanced database and workflow management functionality.

“One Tool to Organise All Your Work, Your Way. Work together with your team, store everything in one place and organise projects the way you want.”

The growth experiments template enables viewing ideas and experiments by funnel stage, category or status, and provides very similar functionality to the Airtable template above in terms of fields, attributes, commenting and activity logs.

Infinity Growth Experiments Template (list view)
Infinity Growth Experiments Template (kanban view)

Growth Hacking Experiments Template by Stackby

Stackby is a no-code workflow management solution, very similar to Airtable and Infinity.

“One work platform with endless possibilities. Keep your data, teams and workflows in sync with flexible spreadsheet style databases. Create, collaborate and automate anything, really. No coding or training needed.”

Despite the similarities with Airtable and Infinity, the Stackby Growth Hacking Experiments Template is not as well developed. Infinity or Airtable are better solutions unless you have a specific reason to use the Stackby platform.

Growth Hacking Experiments Template by Stackby

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