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Marketing experiment analysis & understanding your experiment results

Focus on learnings over results Every experiment results in 1 of 3 outcomes: WinnerLoserInconclusive However, building a culture of experimentation isn't just about getting a ...
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A guide to the minimum viable test (MVT) for marketers & marketing teams

You may have come across the term minimum viable test within the context of lean and agile methodologies. A minimum viable test is the antithesis ...
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How to pick a prioritisation framework – RICE, ICE, PIE or HIPE?

What is a prioritisation framework? Prioritisation frameworks are used by product teams, growth teams and marketing teams to prioritise high impact work and projects. They ...
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Where to find high quality growth experiment ideas

The first stage of every single growth marketing framework centres around customer research in order to explore and gather high quality growth experiment ideas. If ...
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What is Growth Marketing?

Growth marketing helps companies move away from the big bet culture of traditional campaigns and brand marketing practises in favour of a rigorous process that ...
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